Saadi J.S AlJadir

Senior Consultant of Endocrinology

Practising Since : 1974

Area of Expertise
  • neuroendocrine disorders &growth disorders, thyroid disorders , vitamin D and calcium metabolism , Osteoporosis , Male & Female Reproductive Disorders ,Diabetes , Insulin resistance disorders ; PCOS , NAFLD…

About me

Saadi J S AlJadir is a consultant Endocrinologist, Senior lecturer and an as Associate Professor of Medicine & Physiology. Dr.AlJadir had started his university graduation in Baghdad’s college of medicine Sep.1968 and granted MB, ChB (Diploma) June 1974. On July 1981 he had been successful in passing MRCP part 1 examination. He applied for high residency training program in Medical City Teaching hospital in Baghdad for 4 years to be illegible for sitting the board of medicine examination that he had been granted (PhD) on March 1987. He worked as a Specialist Internist and Endocrinologist in Merjan Teaching Hospital in Babylon 1988. He could break the banning and manage with extra efforts a trip to UK against the permission of dictatorship government to continue his high specialty career in Endocrine and Diabetes and to fulfill the requirements of final MRCP. He had worked in Southern Hospital, then moved to Stobhill General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. He had the opportunity training and ultimately working with Dr. M.G. Dunnigan, the author of (Familial Partial Lipodystrophy), (Fluid Retention Syndrome in Women) and many research works on Vitamin D, with earliest papers in 1962 and subsequently later in 70s.The head office of royal college of physicians of UK had gifted him the opportunity to sit for the final MRCP despite his permitted 5 calendar years were expired in 1986! He could succeed and held membership on Nov.1990 He had been obliged under extremely hard conditions to go back to his homeland after been devastated by the Gulf war 1991. He held a post of locum consultant of internal medicine, then he could successfully and efficiently held a post of a consultant physician and endocrinologist, besides his exceptional efforts to establish a clinic of Diabetes and Endocrine diseases, he was acting as supervisor for Renal unit of Merjan Teaching Hospital, head of drug formulary committee and Medical ethics committee as well. In 1993 he had joined the faculty of Medicine and Physiology of Babylon’s Medical College and held a post of senior lecturer in Medicine and Physiology, head of Department of Internal Medicine, and visiting consultant Physician and Endocrinologist, He was co-examiner for other Medical faculties and for final 6th year students, Diploma of Medicine and higher studies, he steered the obesity and medical nutrition program, clinical research projects. After he spent 5 years in teaching faculty and promoted to assistant professor of Medicine 1997, because of hard circumstances of his country during economic sanction imposed by international community, he could fled outside the borders in extremely difficult conditions! He spent two years applying for job in regional countries and to reunite with his family that he left; a wife and 3 kids behind in homeland He had held a post of consultant A Physician in UAE Dec.1999 , had been working as Consultant Physician and endocrinologist in Government general hospital , for 5 years , later he moved to Fujairah General hospital as a consultant endocrinologist and head of Diabetes clinic that afterwards evolved into diabetes and endocrine unit , he acted as a visiting associate professor of Medicine , senior lecturer and imminent examiner in Gulf Medical college in Ajman , afterwards he had been appointed as senior consultant Endocrinologist in Thumbay Hospital in Dubai. During his stay in UAE he could accomplish tremendous works in many clinical and scientific programs, he had done scientific activities in forums, clubs, media and a variety of press, social , medical publications, per-reviewer and chosen editor and advisory board in (Endocrinology and Metabolism International Journal). He had been granted fellowship of royal college of physicians and surgeons of Glasgow 2002, he is awaiting for granting fellowship of royal college of physicians of London on March 2017, he was honorably granted the fellowship of American college of endocrinologists (FACE), in addition to his membership to AACE and full membership of endocrine society. He had been awarded national and regional appreciations and prizes for his achievements in his career and specialty. Lastly , we have to indicate his areas of care and interest Dr. AlJadir has shown ; neuroendocrine disorders &growth disorders, thyroid disorders , vitamin D and calcium metabolism , Osteoporosis , Male & Female Reproductive Disorders ,Diabetes , Insulin resistance disorders ; PCOS , NAFLD… He left UAE July 2015 moving back to his homeland; Iraq, willing for joining faculty of Medicine again. Orcid No. 0000000280292570

Mobile No: +9647813902926

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  • FRCP ( London) , FRCP ( Glasgow ) , FACE (US)


  • MB ChB ,PhD. MRCP ( UK) , FACE (US) , FRCP (L ) , FRCP (G)


  • Case report: persistent skeletal problem! :EMIJ
  • Female genital mutilation (FGM) : Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
  • Subclinical Thyroid Disease: Consensus or Conundrum? : EMIJ
  • Pseudo endocrine patient : EMIJ
  • New Perspectives on Diagnostics, Prognosis, and Therapy in Aggressive Endocrine Tumors : Journal of Oncology
  • Bariatric/Metabolic Surgery for Diabesity..! :EMIJ
  • Looking Forward: Our Paradigm! : EMIJ
  • Committed to Progress of Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal : EMIJ
  • Case Presentation: Delayed Puberty ; Open Access Journal of Reproductive System and Sexual Disorders Insulinoma: Literature’s Review (Part 1) : Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal Insulinoma: Literature’s Review (2) : Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal Case report: a virilized girl : Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal Brain Catastrophe presented with endocrine disruption : Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal Female genital mutilation (FGM) : Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal Fluid Retention Syndrome in Women : Endocrinology & Metabolism International Journal Do Pregnant Women need to Take Vitamins and Minerals’ Supplements routinely? : Open Access Journal of Reproductive System and Sexual Disorders Pericardial and Serous Effusions in Primary Hypothyroidism : Endocrinology & Metabolism International

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